About Keith Best Kebab

Keith Best Kebab House is a takeaway most popular for its juicy kebabs and fresh pizzas. Sitting at 124 Mid St, Keith AB55 5AA, it serves its wonderful dishes for delivery and collection.
You are wondering about the best takeaway in the town? Leave it with Google by asking: ‘Where is the best kebab shop near me?’, and it’ll help you find a definite answer. On the result list, our shop will stand among the first three takeout restaurants amidst a huge number of others.
We provide a rich assortment of tasty dishes from juicy kebabs to homemade calzones. Although we are best known for our various kebab recipes, the vast diversity of crisp base pizzas we offer should not be overlooked. Remember to try our Garlic Pizzas if you want your food both healthful and flavourful.
Our homemade kebabs are the juiciest of all the others served in the town. As soon as you take your first bite from our Doner Kebab, it will quickly melt down in your mouth, imposing little burden on your digestive system.
The bread we roll around the healthy and tasty fillings of our Turkish-style wraps is always fresh, only made to the customer’s order. Our freshly made wraps with their nutritious fillings are perfect for a mid-afternoon snack to keep you going until you have supper.
A huge discount of £3 is available for you as long as you place them through Mealzo, the website of the Mealzo company with which we are now proudly partnered.
You are also welcome to contact us over the phone. Call us at 01542886457 and talk to us about food allergies if you have any.



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